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Vision of the Institution

The vision of the college is to make our students affluent with the sustainable and enhancing skills and abilities so that they might face any competition across the world.

Mission Statements of the Institution

  1. To spread quality and value based education among each and every student living in the remote and mountainous area of our Mahavidyalaya.
  2. To mingle with the society and inculcate the society with the motto of Hon. Dr. Bapuji Salunkhe, “Propagation of Education for Knowledge, Achievement and Culture.”
  3. To provide a firm platform for the curricular and extra-curricular development of the students for their bright and successful future by finding their dormant potentials and guiding them to face the competitive world.
  4. To prepare healthy and responsible future generations to shoulder civic responsibilities.
  5. To achieve community and social development through our various activities.

Core Values of the Institution

  1. To provide a platform for holistic development of the students
  2. To provide a platform for empowerment of female students.
  3. To promote scientific aptitude among the students.
  4. To develop environmental consciousness among the students
  5. To bring about orientation towards human values