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Department of Library

Library at a Glance as on 24/10/2016
Foundation June, 1985
Number of Readers Staff 22 267
Students 243

Acquisition Books Cost Rs.
General Register 11687 1317709
U. G. C. Register ... ...
GRAND TOTAL 11687 1317709

Number of Periodicals 15
Number of Newspapers 03
Classification Scheme D D C
Cataloguing Scheme A A C R II
Book Bank Scheme 35 Students Benefited
Daily Issue 45 Books Appro.
Library Staff PROFESSIONAL 01
Library Time 9.30 a.m. To 5.30 p.m
Study Room Time 7.30 a.m. To 5.30 p.m.


Name of the Faculty Mr. Jadhav Vaibhav B.
Educational Qualification M.A.,M.Lib & Inf.Sci.,UGC-NET.,PGDLIT
Designation Librarian
Email-Id Jadhavvb28@gmail.com

Name of the Faculty Mr. Kadam Sitaram.
Educational Qualification 10th
Designation Librarian Attendant